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Thread: Bostik & Amos Glue Stick comp

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    Default Bostik & Amos Glue Stick comp

    Spotted at The Warehouse, some good prizes (playstation or something I think) when you purchase any Amos or Bostik stationary product. Maybe someone else can spot the details when picking up their back to school stuff - bought a pack of glue sticks but didn't get an entry form or anything so not sure how to enter now! eeeek!

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    I brought one of these products too.:)

    To enter purchase a bostik (glue stick or blue tack) or amos (those green and yellow glue sticks) product. The entry forms are in store and you answer a fill in the blanks question to enter. You have to attach your recipt.

    The prize is a PSP console and two games (a car racing one and LittleBig Planet):)

    Maybe you could go back into the store to find a form?

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