Site changes today - please copy any of your important competitions, pm messages etc etc to your computer Sorry for the late notice. Hopefully most of the new threads and posts will be saved and transferred to the new site but not 100% sure. Will be deleting most of the old posts to make the site smaller and then will be changing to a different forum hopefully today. Then over the next couple of days will also changing hosting. Unfortunately with the size of the site including the old posts and the arcade it costs a lot in hosting fees and I can't afford to keep it running anymore. I didn't want to just delete the site (although $ wise that would be the smart thing to do) so I decided I would downgrade everything so it costs me a lot less and try to keep it running. Apologies to people that have been playing the arcade as is looking like we won't have an arcade anymore (slight possibility could be added at a later date but for now no arcade) Apologies if site is offline at any stage today or over the next couple days as I organise everything. I guess is better than being offline forever though!