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Thread: Cutting and posting other peoples competition posts and inserting your own user links

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    Default Cutting and posting other peoples competition posts and inserting your own user links


    I've had some complaints about a member on here copying and pasting competitions that have already been posted on here - but changing the link to be their link so that they get extra competition entries or whatever

    If someone else has already posted a competition on here it's best to leave that competition up just the one time, rather than posting it again with your own link - but if you find competitions that are not already on here then add away

    Sorry I haven't managed to be getting on here a lot lately (for a long time actually) - but hopefully I might be able to get lots of time on here over the lead up to Christmas (and will actually enter some prizes again for a change)

    Thanks guys
    Good Luck

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    Jo I have noticed that as well

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    Sorry wasn't intentional, and I use my phone when posting these so wasn't checking it completely time consuming. It wasn't called for harassment though from some people, we are all adults and this place is meant to be fun and not full of bullying so Cudo to you, and sorry for people hounding you about this type of thing. It's human error and wasn't intentional. Yes some people dont realise ppl live lives outside of social media.

    and I haven't been adding My own link from their messages it's what would have come up when entering the Comp myself,copy and pasting takes time ha !!! Good luck with Christmas, it's coming too fast

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