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Thread: Referral links for online competitions

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    Default Referral links for online competitions

    Hi there

    I was wondering if there is a policy regarding posting referral links for online competitions? i.e. Using a personalised link to an online competition which gives the original poster extra entries in the competition every time someone uses it. There would also be a generic link to the same competition. Often used with Facebook or IHeartradio competitions.

    Should the post include a disclosure that this is a referral link and also provide the generic one, only provide the generic link or no need to specify either?


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    I support you 100% Cliffie, thanks for bringing this matter to admin's attention. I have just this minute entered a competition and been caught out well and truly! There are some compers who win most of the prizes and these are the folk who use referral links and they have spoilt the Facebook competitions as well. I hope your suggestion is brought to fruition.

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