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Thread: AA Smart Fuel discount - A better way to use it

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    Talking AA Smart Fuel discount - A better way to use it

    Not sure if everyone knows about this, as I didn't till recently, so just in case thought I would share....

    You know when you swipe your AA card at BP or Caltex when you spend $40 or more to buy gas and then either save or spend the discount?

    The saved amount only expires after 2 months - so if you save every time for almost 2 months, and then spend the discount in the last week of the month you save a lot more $$ (some people are saving $80 - $100 on that final fill up)

    Also if during that almost 2 month period of savings you want to fill up your tank rather do 2 lots of $40 gas instead of 1 lot of $80, as you will then get more money off the final spend the discount fill up

    Also, if you can, put in gas on Thursdays at Caltex as they always seem to have a save 10 cents promotion on Thursdays (plus your 6 cents off for just having the AA card)

    There is also a free AA app, so you can keep track of everything so you don't loose points (shows your balance and keeps track of when your points will expire)

    And if anyone else knows any tricks for saving more let us know
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    Good Luck

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