Just a reminder as it's very clear that the majority of compers are not reading the Terms and Conditions or even the instructions for comps (being a cynic I might say it is in their rush to enter anything and everything!)

A good example of this is the Domino's Facebook comp which went on for some days and had some great prizes.

For example: On the twelfth day of Christmas Domino's gave to me…an iPhone 7! In 25 words or less, tell us which App you would multi-task the Domino’s App with and why. We'll notify the lucky recipient tomorrow at 1pm. Full terms and conditions available at: https://www.dominos.co.nz/12-days-of...-terms-condit…

The answers had to be 25 words or less but I would say the majority of entries had more than this, with some writing huge responses - I note there were some well known compers names who were also disqualifying themselves each day!
All the winners had used 25 words or less (as per Domino's instructions) so most people were wasting their time and entries.