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Thread: Hey i need your help

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    Default Hey i need your help

    My sis in law and my brother and due for there baby next Feb, and they have asked me to plan there baby shower. And really i have no money. If you guys maybe could help me out, with baby stuff you dont need that would be grateful. Old nappies/baby products that you havnt used for a long time. Or even baby foods would be great. Please send me an email at if you would be willing to help out. Also they are having a baby girl. Thank you.

    Dont worry, be happy (:

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    Hi! I haven't got anything currently, but I can give you a list of free baby things available, that might help your sis in law and brother
    And congrats to them both!

    FREE ReachMePacks (these are cool!) -
    Free Bounty Packs (they might have to go pick this up?) -
    For Baby- baby formula and Complan samples (for mum!) -
    Free Pregnancy Nutrition DVD or First Foods dvd - (see the homepage)
    (and they have Toddler formula samples too -
    BabyLoveNappies -

    I also picked up a free nappy sample awhile ago at The Baby Factory (they have a maximum of 4 per person), might be worth going in there!

    Keep an eye on Freecycle too! You could maybe even try sending a polite, friendly email to different baby product companies and see if they have free samples or things available, doesn't hurt to try.
    Hopefully others on here will know of more things available, or be able to help further! There are always tons of baby comps too of course, good luck!

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    There is a free website for NZ that sometimes has free stuff on it think the site is called ********************************** congrats to them both and hope the baby shower goes well!!! :)


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