Craig Philpott

July 24

Many of my facebook friends know Duncan Doig and most are aware Dunc is battling Parkinsons. Duncan has been a great mate for close to 30 years, was a groomsman at our wedding and would be the first bloke you'd choose to share a trench with. He is a proud Christchurch Boys' High School old boy and an outstanding teacher who has given near on 20years service to St Andrews College Preparatory.

Sadl...y the disease is tightening its grip on DD and he is in hospital full time now. He is a candidate for Deep Brain Simulation, a procedure that can give Duncan the quality of life he deserves. We all hope this can become a reality very soon.

On Sunday August 3, 11am at Hagley Park, St Andrews College are having a 5km run/walk fundraiser for Duncan and his family. If you are in Christchurch and can possibly make it down there on Denise and my behalf that would be much appreciated. D and I will be striding it out over Bluff Hill that morning!

3rd August happens to be my birthday. In lieu of an expensive gift for me, if you can make a donation to a fund that STAC have set up on Duncan's behalf that would be superb (02-0800-0911793-000 refuncan Doig code:8204.100).