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    Hi there everybody,
    I have two teenagers and I'm over the phone thing. If you don't have teenagers just listen to they way they talk about phones/gadget things they "need" - it's a bit like it's part of their body. A single parent just can't keep up! Since we seem to be a thrifty and resourceful bunch I thought I'd ask here since it can't hurt.

    They both have jobs so are saving but it occurs to me that if I can set them up to review gadgets then maybe they can get them for free. I have a solid SEO background and was thinking of just ranking YT vids on their behalf rather than set up a minisite. This way they can review for their peers who are, lets face it, quite a picky and demanding group.

    However review type things are outside of my experience. Anyone here done something similar before - if so how would you pitch this? Any ideas around business model would be appreciated. Am trying to think outside the obvious such as an affiliate model as this might mean an upfront cost (affiliate with a free "sample" would work).

    Can supply a proof of concept vid to demonstrate I can do what I say I can do in terms of ranking, perhaps by using a pre-release video supplied by the company about their product. Then maybe follow this up with the review video shortly after.
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    Hmm, I haven't directly got experience with this sort of thing, but I guess you could perhaps make some demo videos like you suggested and approach companies and see if they are interested in sponsoring/donating items to be reviewed. This seems to work really well for beauty vloggers who get tons of free makeup etc this way, but since phones and gadgets cost so much more you'd probably need to 'prove yourself' before anyone would take a chance on you (does that make sense? it will probably be hard at first, but once you've got a few companies on board, tons more willl probably follow!).
    You could also putting paid ads on the videos to make a bit extra, but this could violate the terms of your agreement with the companies sponsoring you.

    I do have experience with AMazon Associates (although ended up not using it much). Since your teens are tech-savvy they could look into that as a way to make a bit of extra.

    Sorry if I misunderstood your concept or haven't been very helpful, just throwing some ideas around! I'm super-tired right now and not thinking too clearly, so I'll come back to this later and have another think on it :) Sounds like a great opportunity, and you obviously have the skills to make it happen.

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    Thanks R, that's great. Wish I had more people to bounce idea around with.
    Teen has heaps of makeup too. Rather annoying as I don't buy it for her so worried about what she is using as you never know what is in it
    but makeup might be a good area for her to start in.

    Proof is no issue at all for me. Might have some time delays in tough high competition international markets which I'd avoid anyway.

    Figured out that we need to decide if we are going to first target manufacturers or retailers. If we target retailers we could have a
    call to action in the video with an annotation that links to an offer page. The offer page could be changed with the current price
    offer. I suspect manufactures would be harder but not sure if this is correct.

    Amazon margins are a bit low (plus I'd end up having to train kids in marketing). I tried to encourage them into writing books as the
    tax on royalties is 5% + kindle etc made this a good proposition but they didn't want that. And suggested they white label products
    already doing well on Amazon but they didn't want that either. Nor did they want to learn how to profit from sites made for adsense.

    They aren't really business minded like me so this is why I was thinking review type thing might work well and get them interested
    in running their own little thing on the side. This way their contribution is more of a natural fit for them and I can still be around to
    ensure their success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by requiem View Post
    This seems to work really well for beauty vloggers who get tons of free makeup etc this way,
    Cool idea - if your teenager is into makeup a good start could be for her to do makeup tutorials on youtube - won't get her phones but would probably end up getting her free makeup and then she could use the makeup money to buy other stuff
    Good Luck

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