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Thread: Please read before posting - please check out the rules and what not to post

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    Wink Please read before posting - please check out the rules and what not to post

    Hi Guys :)

    Because of some things that have gone on lately (and no its not directed at one person there are have been several cases in the last week) unfortunatly the moderators have decided to bring in some new rules.

    Firstly, there is nothing wrong with a good debate, its part of the contest community, but lately some people have been directly picking on or targeting other members. We try to be friendly and contest generally has a good vibe so this will no longer be tolerated.

    If you do have a problem with a post, or someone in particular, contact a moderator you feel comfortable with or use the "report" function in the bottom left hand corner to a post. When you use the report function an email gets sent to all moderators, they can then decide together the cause of action in the Moderator social group.

    Please let us know if anyone picks on you

    This may result in a PM from a mod to get both sides of the story, a formal warning of a member, a stand down period or the member being banned.

    Contest has a good vibe and we want to keep it that way.

    Happy comping
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