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Thread: New World Watties trolley grab

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    Default New World Watties trolley grab

    Buy 6 Watties products in the same transaction, swipe your Clubcard and win one of twenty 85 second trolley grabs.
    Other key rules - no booze, cigarettes, gift cards or vouchers, no cosmetics over $60, no more than 3 of each item. Maximum value in your trolley $1000.
    even if you were clever and planned your run through the butchery and health and beauty aisle I think you’d struggle to get $1000 in one trolley especially as they will make you start at the checkout. So a bit misleading but if you buy lots of baked beans anyway then have a go.
    started 29 April. Finishes 19 May.

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    Yea I picked up on that too and decided to skip it. Those rules...

    Reminds me a bit of the Watties $500K dream (both Countdown and NW). I fell for it the first time and entered,
    then I got home and checked the T&C and saw that if I won I had a shot at winning $500K. Not only did it
    annoy me I stopped buying Watties because I'm a consumer and I can.
    "If you can't enjoy what you have, you can't enjoy more of it."

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    The Countdown version starts today and runs to 9 June. You win one of 85 $500 Prezzy cards. Only have to buy 5 products.

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