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Thread: Whittakers Giant Easter Egg Hunt - find the giant eggs and you might win a gold slab

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    Exclamation Whittakers Giant Easter Egg Hunt - find the giant eggs and you might win a gold slab

    Whittakers Giant Easter Egg Hunt

    Win a gold slab

    I don't know why but competitions like this one always make me want to start getting comping again (you may have noticed I haven't come online much since having a baby - very slack)

    But anyway this is cool - reminds me of the ice cream competition for a big cash prize that I almost won (and kicked myself for not winning)

    This one starts in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on the 21st March (which is good as most people will be at work lol)

    Anyway there will be 100 Giant Easter Eggs to be found - so should be easy to spot - but I think they will hide them and give out clues to where they are - otherwise it would be too easy

    Should be a cool competition - Good luck!!!

    Good Luck

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    Thanks Jo - I've spotted two around Wellington, there are 2 in Cuba St, go to the area near the bucket fountain and theres one, then keep walking up it and theres another. Hope that helps someone.

    Awesome comp, don't think I've got the energy for this one this time though.

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