CREATE A BEST FRIEND OR SIDEKICK FOR DEVON THE BUNNY Devon the Devonport Chocolates Bunny is feeling a little lonely. He needs a best friend/sidekick to hang out with. Create a sidekick/best friend for Devon and if you are the winner the wonderful artist that created Devon (Lexy Rendall) will draw your sidekick so Devon will always have someone to hang out with. As the winner you will get a box of 25 chocolates with your side kick printed on them, a framed print of your sidekick and a Devonport Chocolates Gift Pack valued at $80. All entries will be placed in the draw for one of 5 Devonport Chocolates gift packs valued at $80. Entries must be received by the 31st of March 2013. Devon the Bunny Competition - Devonport Chocolates - Luxurious Handmade New Zealand Chocolates