Summer and SodaStream go hand in hand.

Cocktails and summer go hand in hand.

It was bound to happen - delicious summer cocktails made with the ease of a SodaStream machine.

This summer SodaStream set Kiwis a challenge – to create delicious original cocktails using SodaStream machines and syrups. Kiwis fizzed with excitement and the response was overwhelming. With such a huge range of SodaStream syrups to choose from, there were some outrageous flavour combinations submitted (most worked, some didn’t!).

First prize was awarded to Mary Legaspi for her ‘Dirty Harry’ cocktail – a delicious combination of gin/vodka, lemon, honey and SodaStream Lemonade.

Other notable entries involved hot chillies, yoghurt, and most likely a terrible hangover! One thing is for sure; there was definitely no shortage of creativity.

What these Kiwis proved was just how easy it is to make cocktails at home using your SodaStream machine. Some mint and limes from the garden, a little rum, sugar, ice and topped with bubbly water straight from your SodaStream machine – an easy and delicious Mojito, all from the comfort of your kitchen.

So go forth, get creative and enjoy summer the way it is meant to be – outside, in the sun, sipping on a refreshing cocktail made fresh (and easily!) with SodaStream.