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    Hey there

    me and my mates are trying to collect the "Mcdonalds Monopoly Stickers" if you have any at all please could we have the codes??? we want the
    money to to take off our student loans, even if we have the code thee is a second chance draw, SO PLEASE GIVE US YOUR CODES. you get the stickers if you buy a large fries or drink, garden salad, hash brown or mc Flurry

    Here is the site for details:


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    I had the same idea, except when I looked into it to claim prizes they sent you a "prize claim envelope" in which you have to put all the original tabs with codes, so you would have to get people to post them to you instead of just getting the codes.

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    Really? I had no clue, surely if you have the code thats enough...thank you very much

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