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Thread: Win CASH prizes - 5x $495, on Facebook

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    Default Win CASH prizes - 5x $495, on Facebook (tax refund agents for New Zealand) are hosting an 'Average Prizes' competition, where you can win 5 x prizes of their Average Tax Refund amount, which is $495.
    But wait, there is more. If you are a customer, you could DOUBLE that up, to $990. Simply apply for a tax refund to become a customer.
    The competition is open till mid June, so be sure to pop along to their Facebook page and enter!
    Enter Here!

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    Our first draw Monday 11/06/2012 resulted in $990 CASH heading to Brad Chappell-Hurst. As Brad is an existing tax refund customer with MyTax, his 'average' prize was doubled from $495 to $990! Congratulations Brad, looking forward to announcing today's prize winner!

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