Win! A SHOWERDOME and Installation
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Do you want your bathroom to be free of shower steam? Keep your home drier and your walls damage free with the SHOWERDOME. SHOWERDOME clear acrylic shower tops fit most shower units and eliminate bathroom steam forever! The SHOWERDOME is inexpensive, takes an approved installer around ninety minutes to fit, has no moving parts and lasts forever; saving you money and making your home a warmer drier healthier place to live.
How does SHOWERDOME work? Steam occurs when warm wet air inside the shower collides with cold air outside the shower; a SHOWERDOME stops warm & cold air colliding, causing condensation & steam.
SHOWERDOME has many other benefits too: your towels dry faster, and there is no need to run expensive heated mirrors, fan heaters and you can also reduce heated towel rail usage. There are lower maintenance costs as paint & wall paper do not get the same steam damage. A SHOWERDOME costs from as little as $270 plus installation. For more information or your nearest agent visit

To go in the draw to win a SHOWERDOME plus free installation worth $395, simply fill in the below details.

Competition closes: June 22, 09 at 9:00am

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