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Thread: 2011 - Sites with Monthly Competitions

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    Default 2011 - Sites with Monthly Competitions

    Thought I'd make a more updated list, since the older ones arent 100% up to date...hope this is helpful.
    Big thanks to Jaro and everyone who contributed to the earlier lists. I notice alot of the places who still run comps have made the prizes smaller now

    (win a 6 month supply!)

    Amplifier - Competitions | Amplifier NZ Music
    (music related giveaways, mostly cds, mostly NZ stuff)

    Ansell Condoms - Subscribe=
    (50 boxes to give away each month!)

    Concrete Bar - Concrete Bar & Restaurant
    ($100 bar tab each month)

    Creme Magazine -
    (assorted girly stuff up for grabs each month, aimed at pre********/young ********s)

    Dinefind - - New Zealand Dining Guide, the best restaurants, cafes, bars, caterers, function centres, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin
    (win $50 restaurant voucher each month)

    DUAL Jeans - Dual Jeans - Win DUAL Designer Jeans, Tops & Skirts and Fashion - Made in New Zealand. Lyttelton Farmers Market. A ...
    (used to be win a pair of jeans, now its a bit unclear what you win)

    EatOut -
    ($100 voucher every month - gotta be alert for this one as they just post your name up and you have to claim prize)

    Empire -
    (heaps of movie related comps, from Empire Magazine)

    Fantasy Lingerie - Free Products Competition | Fantasy Lingerie
    ($100 voucher for a short survey)

    Femme Fitness -
    (great assortment every month, mostly health and fitness stuff)

    Fresh in the Kitchen -
    (food related prizes, not quite monthly but good to check on a monthly basis)

    GameFreaks -
    (actually way more often than monthly! PS3/wii/Xbox360/PC games. these dudes are awesome and always post the new comps for us!)

    GetFrank -
    (male oriented site with regular, male-oriented prizes, the people who run it are choice-as and usually come in here to post the comps for us!)

    Great Aussie Food -
    (international monthly comp for a Tim Tams hamper)

    Groove Guide -
    (mostly music stuff, but also good variety of other prizes)

    Healthy Food Guide -
    (food based prizes from Healthy Food Guide magazine)

    HealthyOnline -
    (win $25 voucher...the answer is always 'good' by the way!)

    HER Business Magazine - short story comp - Competitions and Offers
    (used to be $250 prize, now unclear if theres still a prize)

    Home of Poi - Home of Poi List of current competitions
    ($100 voucher, they sometimes list other comps too)

    Hoyts -
    (movie passes and other merchandise)

    iSubscribe -
    ($100 magazine voucher to be won each month)

    JayJays -
    (comps each month, usually aimed at same audience as their clothes, eg Glee dvds, etc - good mix of stuff though!)

    KidSpot -
    (heaps of kid and family related comps here)

    Kiwi Families -
    (lovely baby related stuff each month to be won)

    LA Fitness - Fitness equipment, hire, exercise, treadmills, fitness gear
    (win a Swiss ball)

    LibraGirl -
    (tampon site, so aimed at young ********age girls, has regular (though ironically not really monthly) comps)

    Littlies -
    (from Littlies magazine, heaps of baby comps each month)

    Lone Star - Lone Star - New Zealands iconic Restaurant Bar & Cafe
    (win $50 restaurant voucher)

    M2 Magazine -
    (heaps of regular comps, aimed at men)

    M2 Woman Magazine -
    (the female equivalent of M2, regular comps)

    Menu Mania -
    (food related comps)

    Mitre10 -
    (win stuff like heater, etc, these guys usually come on here and keep us updated)

    MumsToBe -
    (for pregnant ladies)

    Nintendo -
    (surprise, surprise, they have Nintendo stuff every month up for grabs)

    Nutrience - NUTRIENCE - Promos & Contests
    (win 3 months of pet food, you choose cat or dog food)

    NZGamer -
    (more often than monthly actually, games for PS3, Wii, XBOX 360 and PC mostly)

    NZ House and Garden -
    (from the magazine...gorgeous house/garden related things every month)

    OHBaby -
    (from the magazine, sometimes need codes but many you can just enter)

    OK Magazine -
    (Aussie mag, heaps of fashion related comps, etc)

    Pick the Tick - Heart Foundation Tick Programme | Healthier food choices in more than 50 food categories
    ($500 grocery voucher every month, plus sometimes other prizes)

    Practice -
    (for drivers. win assorted prizes, mostly petrol vouchers)

    RD1 - Win a $200 Credit*
    (win $200 credit on your account)

    RipITUp -
    (from the magazine...heaps of monthly comps, many are music related but heaps of other stuff too)

    Shoe Clinic -
    (pair of Asics running shoes given away each month)

    SKY TV -
    (heaps of comps, mostly movie related, for Sky subscribers)

    Sovereign Sunshine - Sovereign Sunshine
    (assorted prizes each month, things like digital photo frames, ipods, etc)

    Squashed Grape -
    (win a case of wine, each month)

    Tearaway Magazine -
    (regular prizes aimed at ********s)

    The Nappy Store - The Nappy Store - Prize Draw
    (win a carton of nappies)

    TomorrowShopper - tomorrowShopper
    (complete surveys, big monthly prizes such as $250 vouchers)

    Tui - Tui :
    (regular Billboard comp, site is R18 due to being alcohol related, they also have the Tui Quiz on there, both have beer prizes).

    United Video -
    (dvd giveaways...not sure if still monthly though)

    VideoEzy -
    (dvds and games mostly)

    Vogue -
    (from Vogue magazine, mostly fashion stuff)

    Weedbusters - ~~ WEEDBUSTERS | Learn about Weeds ~~
    (win $50 gardening voucher for identifying common garden weeds)

    , and have fun!
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    Could we please make this a sticky note? thank you!!

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    Great thanks Requiem!

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    Thanks for the update requiem!

    Ansell NZ site link should be... Subscribe

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    thanks ER!

    At some stage, I will seperate these into Monthly comps and 'Regular' comps, and add some more, it takes a long time!

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    Default is another one to add :) feel free to delete this comment when added to the list :)
    "I've got a pretty little mouth... underneath all the foaming..."

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    Default is another one :)

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    some of these are still going...have checked out most of them 2015

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    Thanks for all your hard work Requeim, you are a star!

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