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    Default Tips for entering competitions

    Does anyone have any tips for entering competitions? I enter quite a few each week though not as much as I used to but I never win anything. Well there is the one or two rare occasions I win a dvd or something but nothing great in value.

    I see a lot of members here winning quite a bit and wondered if you had any tips for me.

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    I reckon comping has changed dramatically in the last couple of years! I used to get atleast a prize or two a week (small things) but now am lucky to get one a month. I think this is because everything seems to be on FB, Instagram, etc now so I guess make sure you're signed up to all of those if you want more chances to win. Are you in any contest groups on Facebook? theres a few around, I don't specifically know any but I'm sure some members here can help. Oh and theres an official group if anyone has the link to that?

    Personally, I've been getting back into magazine comping the last few years, each week I either buy Thats Life or Lucky Break and enter those. I win a little (not enough to recoup the cost of the mags though), but I mostly do them for the fun of it so if it doesnt interest you, theres not much point.

    Keep an eye on local papers etc for random comps, not many people enter and the odds are great! Do you get any local free papers in your mailbox etc? you dont need to buy the newspaper, most of the freebie ones have something in them but people don't think to look/forget to enter.

    Check your Spam Box regularly, like atleast once a week - a lot of comping related emails end up in there and it can be very easy to miss a message.

    Theres lots of survey sites around too where you can have a chance to win - often cash or prezzy card prizes too! Theres : His Call, All Woman Talk, APN Media, Tomorrow Shopper, Idea Farm, Greggs Customer Club ....can anyone else think of any others? I've done a couple, never had any survey prizes but I know lots of us on here do quite well out of them.

    And, I know this sounds dumb, but make sure all your contact details are up to date on sites. Some of them you might have signed up to ages ago, and if your contact info is out of date, you might miss out on a prize you're due!

    Hope some of that is helpful, can't really think of much, and I'm not in much of a winning zone myself these days either.

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    Also remember to check the ๖ther"box in your facebook notifications/messages, i have missed out on 2 very good prize packages because i did not know of this feature(umm not so techo minded)If you are having fun, that is great, i can go month(s) without winning and all of a sudden you get several prize deliveries at once.

    I find i have success with the ladies magazines too, as they have regular weekly or monthly comps, some now ask for the barcode(this appears to be a new feature from the mags ).

    good luck and patience is a key too, and volume, as the more you enter the more chance you have of winning.
    Have fun and enjoy the process.

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